America's Ass

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America's Ass was a one-off pedal to kick off the website and is discontinued.

The "O.C.E." in O.C.E. Pedals stands for "Original Chris Evans" which is the online moniker I've used since that other guy got cast as Captain America in the Marvel movies.

To inaugurate my new website I made something special and it had to be a Captain America themed pedal.  So, I give you America's Ass: a modded COT50 boost circuit with an added frequency control, that has an LPB-1 boost circuit added to the output as a volume control.  Turns it from a boost to a weird, gnarly overdrive that I think is very amp-like. 

Controls are (L-R):

  • LEVEL: Overall output of the pedal
  • FREQUENCY: Frequency of the boost, from thick to trebly
  • BIAS: Bias of the transistor, kind of a gain knob but kinda not

The Frequency knob can take it from a thick boost to almost a treble boost.  The Bias and Frequency knobs are very interactive: the frequency sweep changes over the bias sweep.  Best way to set up the pedal is to set the bias to taste, then set the frequency to work with your amp and guitar, and then adjust the overdrive level with your guitar's volume pot.

The America's Ass is built with Alpha pots, Neutrik jacks, Love My Switches, and other quality components.  All wrapped in paint obviously based on Cap's shield with some battle damage like he just got done taking down some Hydra thugs.