Relic of the Cold War

O.C.E. Pedals

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The Relic of the Cold War is my love letter to the green russian BMPs of the 90's.  The art is meant to harken back to the black screen printing on those green enclosures.  I even made a special soviet inspired version of the O.C.E. logo.  Military green powder coated enclosures adorned with the classic black BMP knobs.

As far as the circuit goes it's 100% the v7c BMP in all it's gainy, fuzzy, mid-scooped glory.  This isn't a clone but the closest I'll probably ever get to making one.  Built around some NOS blue-face Motorola transistors that match the gain range I've heard older BMPs use.  The rest tries to match what I see inside my vintage BMPs: carbon film resistors, ceramic caps, and yellow "gummy" Nichicon caps.

It has the grittiness of the green russians and all the saturation you come to expect from a BMP fuzz.

All O.C.E. Pedals are hand-built in Burbank, CA with premium components and lead-free solder.