The Gasser Pedalboard I/O Box

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Are you torn between running your pedalboard straight into the front of a clean pedal platform amp or running into an amp with an fx loop for your time based effects?  What if you could easily do both by only changing a few cables?

The Gasser Pedalboard I/O Box is made for just this kind of flexibility.  It's a 4 port I/O box made for complex pedalboards.  The name "Gasser" comes from the port labels: G, A, S, R (Guitar, Amp, FX Send, FX Return)  Using the Gasser, you set up your pedalboard running any drives or effects you'd use in front of an amp going from the G port and back out the A port and run any time based effects like delay or reverb from the S port and out the R port. 

If you're running a 4 cable method with an amp that has an fx loop you'd plug your guitar cable into G, the cable running to your amp input comes from A, the amp's FX send goes into S and the FX return goes back out the R port.  Your drives go into the front end and you time based effects stay between the preamp and power amp so they're not distorted by the preamp gain.

If you want to run the same pedalboard into the front of pedal platform amp like a Deluxe Reverb you'd simply plug you guitar cable into G and the cable back to your amp into R, leaving A and S empty.  The Gasser automatically bridges the two empty ports and creates one long pedal run from your drives all the way out to your end of chain delay or reverb, straight into the front of the amp.

Soung complicated?  It's really not.  Check the diagrams in the photos for some nice visual representations.

These Gasser boxes have embossesd labels and are powdercoated semi-gloss black, built with high quality jacks.  There's two sizes: Thicc and Smol.


Thicc - 4.43" x 2.38" x 1.625"

Smol - 4.43" x 2.38" x 1.19"