Wrench Fuzz - Hardware Series

O.C.E. Pedals

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You've seen it on the JHS Show.  Rhett Shull said it was transparent.  Buddy Blues said it might be the best fuzz of 2022.  Mark Hopkins said it was the fuzz he hears in his head.  Are they all right?  I mean, of course!  But I am biased.

The Wrench Fuzz is the evolution of the original Hardware Fuzz run I did in early 2021.  It's a classic 2-transistor fuzz circuit, modded for lower noise and more modern build techniques.

To keep the lineage back to the original tagboard Hardware Fuzzes, the Wrench is still built with big honkin' axial amp caps and big carbon film resistors.  I chose 2N2222A transistors that give it a slightly aggressive sound that works well with humbuckers but still has the cleanup players expect with classic 2-transistor fuzz circuits.

The enclosure is meant to look raw, metallic, stamped, industrial: like a tool.  This is to reflect the idea behind the whole Hardware Series: classic circuits that are tweaked to become Tools of Tone.

All O.C.E. Pedals are built with lead-free solder and quality components.

Dimensions: 4.75" x 3.7" x 1.67" (2.375" with knobs)