Wrench Fuzz v2

O.C.E. Pedals

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The original Wrench was a classic 2-transistor fuzz updated and tweaked for my modern ears.  The v2 is more of the same, just upscaled a bit.

The circuit has been updated with new transistors, that are more easily sourced, but I tried to keep the sonics as close as possible to the original.

The enclosures are now professionally powdercoated in clear satin over raw metal and UV printed with new graphics and artwork that were painstakingly chosen to conjure the feel of the hand-stamped originals.  

The switch has been upgraded to a premium soft-click and the power jack is a fancy-pants Lumberg. 

Basically, I took the idea of the original and moved it into a production quality level.  The Wrench might be a little more white collar now but it's still a Tool for Tone.

All O.C.E. Pedals are hand-built in Burbank, CA with premium components and lead-free solder.