Lineman Distortion

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The Lineman takes everything I learned building the Monkeywrench distortion and expands the sonic territory.  The Lineman has the same broad gain range and powerful EQ but now as additional sonic textures and more tone dialing capabilities.

There's now a Presence knob to control the high end bite, on top of the really tweakable Tone circuit.  The clipping options are on a toggle switch: the LED mode is from the Monkeywrench and the new mode adds a germanium diode to bring a new fuzzier dimension.

The Lineman controls are:

LEVEL - Controls the overall output of the pedal

TONE - Clockwise darkens the sound, counter-clockwise brightens the sound

DRIVE - Adds more overdrive and distortion

PRES - Allows you to set the level of high end bite

The two clipping options are:

12A - Crunchier, more headroom, think hard rock

18A - Heavier, fuzzier, think grunge

Hot wire your tone with the Lineman! 

All O.C.E. Pedals are built in Burbank, CA with premium components and lead-free solder.