Step Ladder Octave

O.C.E. Pedals

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Ready to take your tone to another level?  Look no further than the Step Ladder!  As a standalone octave effect you can pair it with whatever drive pedal you want.  Put it behind your favorite fuzz and it becomes an octave fuzz.  You can put it before your favorite drive or distortion too.  The possibilities are endless!

You might be asking, "How do you control it, there's no knobs!"  Easy, you control it with your playing and the knobs on your guitar.  Playing higher up the neck, especially past the 12th fret increases the octave effect.  Playing on the neck pickup will push the octave forward as well.  Rolling down your volume knob can tame the sound.  Rolling down your tone knob will pull the octave out.  Try the neck pickup, tone all the way down, above the 12th and you'll get almost a synth sound!

All O.C.E. Pedals are built in Burbank, CA with premium components and lead-free solder.